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Nubia 1971 srl is a goldsmith from Trissino, a small town in the province of Vicenza, a beautiful and artistic city that carries off a great tradition in the gold manufacturing business.

Founded in 1971 and made up of over 20 employees, the company has now more than 10.000 items in the catalogue among which bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and watch-bands, everything entirely own-produced and handmade. Nubia is able to offer many different workmanships: stamping, hollow tube, fancy chains, solid chains, laser cut products, bangles, casting and protofusione, all productions that follow a very artisan and high quality standards.

Nubia collections are available in any karat of gold and, on specific request, also in silver.

The company is continuously updating and reinventing its designs in order to give the customer an easy-to-wear and high quality product that preserves the taste and design intrinsic in the history and culture of Italian goldsmiths. The respect for the strictest qualitative standards and the huge assortment able to satisfy the aesthetic needs of any specific market, makes Nubia a role model for genuine Made in Italy products in the world.

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